Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday: The Big Picture

If you have been following "Thrift Store Thursday" you've seen the unique and useful items available for sale. But the thrift store is worth a visit for more than the items. The store is run by the residents of the LifeChange addiction recovery community.

As part of recovery, residents take on jobs at the thrift store and at Union Gospel Mission. In these jobs each resident develops job skills and people skills, learning to work together. The store is a successful enterprise because the LifeChange residents take ownership and value the work they do.

Often, customers that get to know the residents know they have made real friends. LifeChange residents at the store share their story, their journey of recovery and will pray for the customers who become not only customers, but friends.

The thrift store is a fun, affordable place to shop, and its also a special place due to the residents of LifeChange.

Please visit the store at 11611 SW Pacific Hwy in Tigard (across from the Tigard Cinemas) or give them a call 503-639-6488.

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